Urbx Worldwide is one of the leading providers of supply chain solutions

URBX Worldwide is built on a very strong foundation of professionalism and ethics, and we have no qualms about going the extra mile to ensure customer delight. Our considerable experience in supply chain management and logistics coordination on the global stage has seen us build up expertise in several streams of the business. We ensure that our customers do not face any geographical or logistical challenges in the procurement, storage and distribution of material, with our extensive network of agencies, partners and hubs enabling us to foresee, plan for and overcome all possible challenges.

Our workforce is handpicked from the industry, keeping in mind the highly specific skillset working in such a challenging industry demands. We are committed to fully understanding the requirements of our customers down to the finest details, enabling us to effectively leverage our skills and resources and provide optimal solutions.


Our Vision

URBX Worldwide envisions a future where manufacturers are assured of hassle-free end-to-end supply chain management and impeccable logistical support for each stream of their business, enabling them to focus all their energies on enhancing productivity and efficiency.

Our Mission

We at URBX Worldwide aim to maintain our exemplary level of attention to detail, as well as impeccable levels of customer delight. Our transparent and streamlined operating methodologies are tailored to suit customer requirements, and our efforts to keep abreast of the latest updates in the industry allow us to continue offering unparalleled levels of service.

Charting URBX's path

Building an enterprise of quality and substance requires the ability to work down to the finest details as well as look at the big picture and structure an effective strategy. These qualities are what our Founder and Managing Director Mr. Fayaz Ibrahim possesses in abundance. He embodies the ideals of transparency, commitment and unparalleled excellence, the pillars on which URBX Worldwide is built. With close to two decades of experience in the sphere of Supply Chain Management, Mr Ibrahim has been able to successfully translate his vision of how a logistics enterprise should function into reality with URBX Worldwide.

In his years of experience with a major player in the health care industry based out of Saudi Arabia, he held several leadership positions and headed the operations of essential portfolios such as Supply Operations, Demand Management, Third Party Manufacturing, New Products Introduction, Project Management, Business Excellence and Sales and Operations & Planning for Middle Eastern countries. Over the years, he has continually been able to leverage latest technologies as well as impeccably disseminate knowledge and guidance to his workforce. These traits are on display at URBX Worldwide, with the strictest quality standards enforced at every level of the supply chain management process.

He is also an avid traveller, having international exposure by visiting over 50+ countries worldwide. Given the truly global nature of the business, this has aided the company in bridging gaps, both cultural as well as geographical. His hunger and desire to keep learning and stay relevant in a constantly evolving industry has enabled him to formulate effective strategies and guide customers on how to execute them effectively and with precision.


Core Values

RELIABILITY - End to end ownership of the entire supply chain framework of our customers.

INTEGRITY - Complete transparency in each stream of our business process, ensuring flawless service and customer delight.

EXCELLENCE - We strive for perfection in each aspect of our operations, with zero tolerance for errors and delays.

INNOVATION - Each facet of our business undergoes constant reinvention and improvement, ensuring that we incorporate cutting edge technologies and methods into our operations.

What makes us different?

Even for a small niche business such as mine, the staff made a very concerted effort to understand even my smallest needs and wants, and gave me the freedom to tinker with the framework till I was pleased. I have never faced any inconvenience or delay, and would wholeheartedly recommend URBX Worldwide to anyone.

Basheer TP

Sourcing material from halfway across the globe was a major headache for us, the good people at URBX sat and devised a plan which minimized time wastage and enabled us to meet tight deadlines!

Ahmed Kabeer

Dealing with customs officials from numerous countries in our supply chain management cycle wasn't something we were looking forward to. URBX worldwide stepped in and took care of our entire material procurement cycle, right from transport to customs brokerage and distribution

Marcos E. Valtea

The people at URBX were always approachable, and answered each one our queries very politely, regardless of how repetitive and redundant they were. Thank you URBX for revolutionizing our supply chain infrastructure

Attkins Pleboa
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Increased shipment integrity

A product integrity tracking shipping label includes a label body for attaching.

Transparent package tracking and tracing

Tracking and tracing solutions ensure greater transparency in the transport cycle.

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