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Along with conventional transport solutions, we also provide customs brokerage services, with our global customs network facilitating the movement of goods across borders, regardless of the location. Our professional licensed customs brokers work tirelessly to ensure that shipments are compliant with even the most stringent customs policies, thereby eliminating all chances of delays and penalties.

Modern rules have made it mandatory to have an established business or a legal entity in the source or destination country for all import and export operations. URBX Worldwide can assume this role for our customers, by taking full responsibility of the import/export process till the shipment is delivered. Our role as a logistics expert sees us recognized as an official part of the shipment transaction. We take great efforts to fully understand the complexities and statutes specific to the countries we are dealing with, ensuring full legal compliance and hassle-free delivery.


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Meeting customs requirements is essential to timely and safe delivery of shipments. Understanding the entire legal framework surrounding customs is essential to proper customs brokerage

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Our expertise, both in terms of domain knowledge as well as workforce, eliminates the risk of delays or penalties in the shipment process.


Our highly knowledgeable brokers ensure compliance with even the strictest norms and regulations.

Our highly knowledgeable brokers ensure compliance with even the strictest norms and regulations.

Customs brokerage is specific to the countries being dealt with, with great efforts taken to understand the statutes of those countries’ customs laws.


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The people at URBX were always approachable, and answered each one our queries very politely, regardless of how repetitive and redundant they were. Thank you URBX for revolutionizing our supply chain infrastructure

Attkins Pleboa

Dealing with customs officials from numerous countries in our supply chain management cycle wasn't something we were looking forward to. URBX worldwide stepped in and took care of our entire material procurement cycle, right from transport to customs brokerage and distribution

Marcos E. Valtea

Sourcing material from halfway across the globe was a major headache for us, the good people at URBX sat and devised a plan which minimized time wastage and enabled us to meet tight deadlines!

Ahmed Kabeer

Even for a small niche business such as mine, the staff made a very concerted effort to understand even my smallest needs and wants, and gave me the freedom to tinker with the framework till I was pleased. I have never faced any inconvenience or delay, and would wholeheartedly recommend URBX Worldwide to anyone.

Basheer TP

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