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We, URBX Worldwide Logistics Pvt. LTD., are introducing our brand-new division, Courier & Cargo in to the industry. With the help of new technological advancements, and strict customer-oriented service methodologies, we are keeping our standards higher and spreading our business network wider. URBX Worldwide Logistics is possessing a wonderful team with highly experienced professionals from the particular industry who are restructuring the contemporary way of approach flaws. To be the only choice, providing all clients with highest level of service and offering an excellent service-oriented approach in addressing all their transport and distribution solutions, with a comprehensive guarantee of satisfaction.

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Shipping allows large volumes of material to be moved with seemingly minimal logistical complexities, with ocean freight featuring prominently on our catalogue of services.

Why Choose Us ?

Ocean freight is our bread and butter, with considerable expertise built over years of industry experience


Our knowledge of the field allows us to formulate logistical solutions which are flexible and customizable in nature.

We have business relationships with several shipping companies, allowing us to move large and complex shipments effectively.

We have staff dedicated to handling customs formalities and tax representation


The man behind the world's leading providers of supply chain solutions.

The people at URBX were always approachable, and answered each one our queries very politely, regardless of how repetitive and redundant they were. Thank you URBX for revolutionizing our supply chain infrastructure

Attkins Pleboa

Dealing with customs officials from numerous countries in our supply chain management cycle wasn't something we were looking forward to. URBX worldwide stepped in and took care of our entire material procurement cycle, right from transport to customs brokerage and distribution

Marcos E. Valtea

Sourcing material from halfway across the globe was a major headache for us, the good people at URBX sat and devised a plan which minimized time wastage and enabled us to meet tight deadlines!

Ahmed Kabeer

Even for a small niche business such as mine, the staff made a very concerted effort to understand even my smallest needs and wants, and gave me the freedom to tinker with the framework till I was pleased. I have never faced any inconvenience or delay, and would wholeheartedly recommend URBX Worldwide to anyone.

Basheer TP

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