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Developments in transport technology have greatly enhanced global connectivity, but have thrown up several logistical challenges, such as stringent rules and endless paperwork. Our vast network of international agencies, partners and hubs enables us to create and control international logistical chains using air transport across regular and exceptional flows, ensuring speedy delivery and zero operational delays. The inherent benefits of air transport such as reliability, transparency and convenience are transferred to our customers, with air freight being the preferred medium for projects which have tight deadlines, as well as situations where there is an urgent need for material.

Air freight is a sphere that throws up new obstacles and challenges with each passing day. Our versatile workforce and extensive network of contacts and resources enable us to meet these challenges head on and help in the set up and maintenance of logistical structures. We make use of aircrafts ranging from commercial carriers to specialized cargo planes to ensure flawless global connectivity, regardless of the size and nature of the shipment.


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Distance is no longer a factor in the set-up of supply chain infrastructure, with the speed and reliability of air freight allowing manufacturers to procure material from previously unthinkable distances

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Our air freight solutions guarantee delay-free and flawless delivery of shipments anywhere across the globe.


Our work force comprises of people with years of experience and considerable expertise in handling shipments of varying magnitude and complexity

We have built up an enviable network of partners and business associates, which we leverage to provide feasible logistical solutions

We ensure complete legal compliance of all shipments, ensuring that distance is never an issue.


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The people at URBX were always approachable, and answered each one our queries very politely, regardless of how repetitive and redundant they were. Thank you URBX for revolutionizing our supply chain infrastructure

Attkins Pleboa

Dealing with customs officials from numerous countries in our supply chain management cycle wasn't something we were looking forward to. URBX worldwide stepped in and took care of our entire material procurement cycle, right from transport to customs brokerage and distribution

Marcos E. Valtea

Sourcing material from halfway across the globe was a major headache for us, the good people at URBX sat and devised a plan which minimized time wastage and enabled us to meet tight deadlines!

Ahmed Kabeer

Even for a small niche business such as mine, the staff made a very concerted effort to understand even my smallest needs and wants, and gave me the freedom to tinker with the framework till I was pleased. I have never faced any inconvenience or delay, and would wholeheartedly recommend URBX Worldwide to anyone.

Basheer TP

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