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URBX Worldwide is one of the leading providers of supply chain solutions

URBX Worldwide is an Indian based logistics company in Kerala, which specializes in providing end to end supply chain management and logistical support to customers spread across the economic sphere. Ever since its inception, we have carved a niche for ourselves in the realm of logistics operations. We are adept at taking over and completely revolutionizing the supply chain and logistics framework of each customer, with a guarantee of greater operating efficiency and optimum utilization of assets.

URBX Worldwide is the brainchild of two entrepreneurs, with over two decades of experience in the realm of Supply chain management for pioneers in this field across the globe. Both founders share a common vision of constant reinvention and progress, and the company has been built with these ideals firmly instilled from the grassroot level.


Our services



Fast and reliable delivery assured through or vast network of air freight agencies, partners and hubs.



Tailor made ocean freight solutions, with strong ties to shipping companies and agencies.



Safe delivery of shipments over land assured, with access to trucks as well as heavy haul equipment.



Efficient coastal logistical support, backed by a strong presence at all major ports.



Practical and efficient methods of transport, storage and distribution of material, backed by strong technical proficiency and industry know-how



Wide array of logistics options allows flawless completion of customer projects.



providing the highest level of service and offering an excellent service-oriented approach with a comprehensive guarantee of satisfaction.



Responsibility of entire supply chain infrastructure and logistics operation taken over

News and Media

URBX Worldwide boasts of a highly skilled and specialized work force, with great efforts taken to keep pace with the latest advancements in the industry. Stay up to date on the latest logistics industry news.

Becoming cleaner and greener

A greater understanding and improvements in technology provide us with opportunities to improve the way we operate and minimise our environmental impacts in a smarter and more measured way.

Smarter Green initiatives

Our Smarter Green program. Smarter Green responds to the key impacts our operations have on the environment, including the impact of climate change on our business and energy use.

Pharmaceutical Industry

“Even for a small niche business such as mine, the staff made
a very concerted effort to understand even my smallest needs and wants,
and gave me the freedom to tinker with  the framework till I was pleased.
I have never faced any inconvenience or delay, and would wholeheartedly
recommend URBX Worldwide to anyone.

– Basheer TP, Finance Manager, Corporate Division, Farouk Maamoun Tamer Company, Saudi Arabia

Logistics Industry

“Sourcing material from halfway across the globe was a major
headache for us, the good people at URBX sat and devised a plan which
minimized time wastage and enabled us to meet tight deadlines!”

– Ahmed Kabeer, National Quality Manager, Hellman logistics, Saudi Arabia

Retail industry

“Dealing with customs officials from numerous countries in our
supply chain management cycle wasn't something we were
looking forward to. URBX worldwide stepped in and took care of
our entire material procurement cycle, right from transport to
customs brokerage and distribution”

– Mohammed Salim, Deputy General Manager, Nespresso


Our clients trust our services, and make us special.