Category Ocean Freight

Ocean freight has been the most popular mode of material transport ever since its inception, with ships transporting material and implements across the globe right from the time of the Industrial revolution. Advancements in technology have greatly reduced time and increased reliability, but the popularity of ocean freight remains untouched. This is mainly due to the benefits listed below


Excellent infrastructure

Most of the ports have been operational for centuries, with a strong infrastructure surrounding them, allowing for easy arrival and distribution of materials. Most eminent shipping companies have also been operational for a long time, with the expertise gained through experience allowing them to plan out logistics operations and eliminate delays.


Greater range and volume

Air freight is faster, but the transport of large volumes of material across large distances is easier and less complex with ocean freight. Ships have much larger storage capacity than other modes of transport, with their robust nature making reducing the chances of damage of the shipment.


Economic and logistical benefits

A large variety of material can be stored and transported on ships compared to other freight options. The sturdy and reliable nature of ocean freight options also make them very reliable, with adverse weather conditions and other eventualities having very little impact on timelines.